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BPMUG - The Computer User Group Serving Central Connecticut Since 1982

Welcome to BPMUG

Note: If we need to cancel a meeting due to weather concerns, we will announce it here and on the meeting page by 3pm of the date of the meeting. Otherwise, we'll see you at the meeting!

BPMUG, located in Central Connecticut, is one of the oldest computer user groups in the Northeastern United States, serving its membership and community since 1982 (a quarter of a century!).

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BPMUG computer group helps improve skills of computer users
BPMUG's mission is to help users improve their ability to use their computers, and to help solve problems.
We achieve this mission in several ways:
BPMUG is a community-based educational organization.

Members help each other at all levels from beginner to advanced.

No matter what age the computer user, BPMUG can help.

Visitors are welcome to attend one of our monthly meetings or our Special Interest Groups. There is no obligation for attending a meeting; the meetings are open to the public.

BPMUG offers Special Interest Groups for focused learning.

Whether you are ready to join BPMUG or would like to contact us for more information, or just want to check on upcoming events in the area, we welcome you to BPMUG's web site.

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