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Archived Presentation Notes
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Past BPMUG Presentations – 1996 to 1998

Monday, December 21, 1998, 7:00 P.M.

Cyberhouse™ Home Automation System

Presented by Paul Hoey


You can now combine the processing power of your PC with the flexibility of the Internet to control appliances, home theatre products, heating and ventilation, lighting and security systems! Savoy/CyberHouse 3.0 is a software package that establishes a Household Web using the standard Internet protocol, TCP/IP. The TCP/IP protocol enables homeowners to monitor and control their home systems either on site or remotely over the Internet.

The Home Automation Association selected Savoy/CyberHouse for its 1996 Mark of Excellence Award for user friendly software. You can get more information about Savoy Company and Cyberhouse software at http://www.savoysoft.com.

Monday, November 16, 1998, 7:00 P.M.

Holiday Season Software

Presented by Jennifer Pope

Microsoft® demonstrated the newest releases in gaming (Combat Flight Simulator, Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome, Motocross Madness), personal productivity (Home Publishing Suite 99) business productivity (Photodraw2000), reference (Encarta Reference Suite 99) and personal finance (Money 99 Financial Suite). Jennifer Pope of Microsoft® gave the presentation to help members with ideas on their own wish list as well as suggestions as to what to give other computer users.

Monday, October 19, 1998, 7:00 P.M.

MGI Software

Presented by David B. Whittle

MGI Software, a market leader in photo and video editing software, featured two award-winning products. These were demonstrated by author and presenter David B. Whittle who was named by Working Woman magazine as “one of America’s most original technological thinkers.”

Two market-leading products from MGI Software, MGI PhotoSuite and MGI VideoWave, give you unlimited options when it comes to your photos and videos. MGI PhotoSuite is your complete PC photography solution. It’s the fastest, easiest way to edit, enhance, and organize your photos while giving you a creative freedom you’ve never had before. Turn your photos into greeting cards or incorporate them into personal calendars, web pages, family letters, and share them with others via email or on the Internet. MGI PhotoSuite makes it possible.

And with MGI VideoWave, you can now capture, edit, and produce your own videos on your PC. Find out more about how MGI Software can help you begin to picture the world in a whole new way by attending our next user group meeting.

Monday, September 21, 1998

WinFax Pro 9.0

Presented by Ric Dales for Symantec

Ric Dales, Senior Product Manger for Symantec Corporation presented the recently released updated version of WinFax Pro 9.0. WinFax Pro 9.0 software takes Symantec’s industry-leading fax solution to new levels of flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. With WinFax Pro 9.0, small businesses as well as individuals can look more professional by sending laser-quality faxes. Symantec is the maker of several well-known software applications, including Norton Utilities and ACT.

Monday, July 20, 1998

FamilyPC Magazine

Presented by Joe Panepinto, Editor of FamilyPC Magazine

School is out and it is family night at BPMUG! Joe Panepinto, Editor of FamilyPC magazine, gave a presentation on personal computers and information technology as it relates to families.

FamilyPC is a computer magazine for families and is owned by Ziff-Davis. Ziff-Davis also publishes the popular PC Magazine and Computer Shopper. FamilyPC has been in publication since 1994. FamilyPC has a circulation of 400,000 and is a source of information for the booming family-computer market.

Monday, June 15, 1998

Entertaining and Educational Software for Young People

Featuring BPMUG’s “Panel of Experts”

Aaron Henselin, son of BPMUG’s Rev. Phil Henselin, told us how he beat the game, The Last Express, by Broderbund. Aaron is one of BPMUG’s more active members in the under 13 age group and regularly attends meetings. In addition to telling us about The Last Express, he gave us a few pointers on how we can challenge our sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters to the game!

Using the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis by Broderbund, Ed Turbert of BPMUG facilitated the presentation for this second segment of our evening program. Ed has worked with the young people from the San Juan Center to get their reactions to the software. Learn why educational software is more than mathematical calculations and how it fosters development of critical thinking and logical skills!

The third segment of the evening featured a presentation of software also from the above companies. This was monitored by Peggy Stanton of the New Britain YMCA. BPMUG is working with the New Britain YMCA as part of our Community Service Program. The reactions from youngsters just learning about computers was wonderful — it was fun to hear what they had to say!

Monday, May 18, 1998

The Community Learning and Information Network
“An Integrated, Interoperable, Digital-Based, Education and Training Network System”

Presented by Colonel Bruce S. Byrne, Connecticut Army National Guard

BPMUG was once again happy to present state-of-the-art technology to its members and guests by having Colonel Bruce S. Byrne of the Connecticut Army National Guard present technology pertaining to distance learning. Colonel Byrne presented the Community Learning and Information Network (CLIN) and shared with us how community-linked learning and information systems provide all people equal access to education, training, and information for life-long learning, development of new skills and enhanced quality of life.

He also shared with us the setup of the National Guard Distance Learning Network (DLN). The technology uses two-way interactive video teleconferencing and computer-assisted classrooms. Just as exciting as the technology, Colonel Byrne told us how the government is making this technology available to the community without spending additional tax dollars. The project has been awarded the most prestigious award in the information technology industry through the Computerworld Smithsonian Award for innovative applications of technology. The program has received broad support from the Governor of Connecticut to the legislative members of the US House and Senate.

Colonel Byrne is the Founding President of the Connecticut Distance Learning Association (CTDLA). CTDLA has a WWW site at http://www.ctdla.org. He also chairs the U.S. Distance Learning Association’s (USDLA) Distance Learning Skill Certification Standards Committee. Colonel Byrne has been recently elected to the Board of Directors of USDLA for a three-year term. We look forward to his presentation.

For additional information, look up the Community Learning and Information Network on the WWW at http://www.clin.org. The United States Distance Learning Association is at http://www.usdla.org.

Monday, April 20, 1998

Is PC Banking for You or Your Business?

Presented by Paul “Ted” Josephson
Vice President for Direct Banking, People’s Bank

Manage your finances your own way from the convenience of your own personal computer!

People’s Bank is Connecticut’s largest independent bank. And, Ted Josephson is People’s leader for their convenient, new, “People’s Online” service. With People’s PC Banking capabilities, you may:

View, sort and print out you bank balances and account history,
Organize your account history the way you want to see it,
Transfer funds between your bank account and your securities brokerage account at that bank,
Pay all of your bills today or schedule them for up to one year ahead,
Export your account’s detailed activity history to your own financial management program, such as Intuit”s Quicken®, or Microsoft’s Money®,
Get automatic online software updates as new features are added, and
Communicate directly via e-mail with the bank, should you have questions.

With People’s PC Trading capabilities, you may:

Trade stocks,
Create your own stock portfolio
Obtain and update stock quotes, at will,
View, sort and print your securities account balances and detailed transaction histories, and
Transfer funds between your securities brokerage account and your bank account.
To learn more visit the People’s Bank web site at: “http://www.peoples.com” and click on the “PC Banking” icon.

Monday, March 16, 1998

Solutions To Your Business and Personal Computing Needs! “An Encore Performance”

Presented by T.J. Benoit and Erik Semmel, “The Computer Guys”
TAB Computer Systems of Bloomfield, CT, and
WTIC AM-1080’s “Computer Talk With TAB”

T.J. Benoit and Erik Semmel are President and Consultant, respectively, of TAB Computer Systems Inc., which specializes in providing small businesses with custom-built hardware, customized software programs, customized network systems, plus related maintenance plans and on-site repair.

T.J. and Erik’s first-rate Q&A session at BPMUG using their hands-on experience, common sense, and thoughtful answers to questions made this a “Don’t Miss It” meeting. They work hard to keep abreast of what’s important in the rapidly changing world of personal computers, workstations, servers, and software applications.

For more information through the Internet, check out TAB Computer Systems Inc. at http://www.tabinc.com. You may usually catch T.J. and Erik on your radio on Hartford’s WTIC AM-1080, Sunday afternoons from 1:05 to 4:00 p.m. For more precise WTIC information ask at BPMUG’s meeting how you may get on TAB’s e-mail alert list.

Monday, February 16, 1998

Hard Disk Problems? You’re Not Alone !!
“Have a Hassle-Free Hard Drive With PowerQuest”

Presented by: David B. Whittle

Rare is the PC owner who hasn’t had annoying problems with a computer’s hard drive – a crash, a hang-up, insufficient disk space, corrupted files, lost clusters – you name it! PowerQuest Corp. of Orem, Utah is a world leader in the development of hard disk utilities. And PowerQuest’s presenter, Dave Whittle, has been acclaimed as “one of America’s most original technological thinkers”. Dave Whittle and PowerQuest will help you understand the essentials of your hard disk operations, including the concept of partitions and the “FAT cluster size problem”, while demonstrating three of PowerQuest’s best products, Partition Magic™, Drive Image and DriveCopy.

For reviews of Partition Magic™ (by Vin Porzio) and of DriveCopy (by Wally Pro), see the October 1997 edition of BPMUG’s “The Help Key”. Meanwhile, for further detailed information via the Internet, including FAQs and “white papers”, visit “www.powerquest.com”

Monday, January 19, 1998

Going Where No Computer Company Has Gone Before

Presented by: Greg Lazarus, Major Account Manager, Dell Computer Corp.

Why has Dell Computer Corporation been so successful and how does this benefit you and/or your company? Greg Lazarus of Dell Computer discussed the direction of PC technology regarding microprocessors, graphics, storage, interface capabilities, video technology and notebooks. For example, why floppy drives are out and digital video drives (DVD) are in. Other current topics were addressed, such as:

The benefits of a custom-tailored computer versus an off-the-shelf computer?
How Dell services its customers with remote manageability technology?
How Dell Computer is successful in selling $1 billion per year through the Web.
The features of the “Ultimate” system for 1998.
A Fortune 500® company, Dell Computer Corporation is the world’s leading direct computer systems manufacturer, based on revenues of $11 billion. Dell designs and customizes products and services to end-user requirements and is growing at 2-3 times the rate of the PC industry as a whole.

Monday, December 15, 1997

Take Charge of Your Own Investments!
Personal Investing Via Computer Finally Takes Off !

By Charles Green, Financial Representative, Fidelity Investments.

As Fidelity’s Stephen Killeen points out, “In many ways, the Internet is an ideal technology for your investment tasks. It’s dynamic. It’s inexpensive. It’s automated. And it’s searchable. There are compelling reasons why reaching your own investment company via the Internet makes good sense for self-directed investors. Think of it as the three Cs’: convenience, cost and control.”

With the rise in self-managed retirement accounts, no-load mutual funds and the Internet, it’s a rapidly changing environment for the individual investor. BPMUG members & guests learned how to take advantage of these major new trends. Charles Green demonstrated key portions of Fidelity Investments’ robust web site, “www.fidelity.com”. Among it’s many features are secure data encryption, and “Fund Evaluator” whereby you may compare the performance more than 3500 mutual funds via Morningstar. WebXpress, Fidelity’s own investment software, was also discussed.

Monday, November 17, 1997

The Millennium Bug — The Year 2000 Challenge

Steve Drakeford, Manager
Year 2000 Sales Specialists
North America IBM® Corporation, White Plains, NY

The problem for computer users is real! It’s serious. It spans the entire Information Technology industry. There are no magic fixes. It’s time-consuming and labor-intensive to correct. And, time is rapidly running out!

IBM is the word’s largest software company. And, IBM® is in the forefront of providing solutions for what it calls, “The Year 2000 Challenge”. To learn more on this critical subject and it’s impact on you, your family and your business, check out IBM’s “Year 2000 Homepage” at http://www.ibm.com/year2000/. While there, be sure to download your own free copy of IBM’s useful Year 2000 resource guide, “The Year 2000 And 2-Digit Dates: A Guide For Planning and Implementation”, by clicking on the words “Year 2000 Guide”

Monday October 15, 1997

SmartSuite 97
Get Your Work Done Quickly and Easily With Six Full-Featured, 32-Bit Applications.

Presented by Ray Letourneau

“Office Suites” have changed substantially! Lotus™ presented how SmartSuite 97 has evolved to now offer consistency among applications, cross-application integration, streamlined access to applications, files and tools. They also showed how it is now fully Internet-enabled to let users work via the Internet and Intranet, without ever leaving the familiar environment of their software suite.

Monday September 15, 1997

WHY TYPE ??? ……When You Can TALK To Your Computer !!!!
Featuring: Dragon Systems® NaturallySpeaking™ and DragonDictate™

By Andrew Meshulam, Director of Marketing, AM Technologies, Watertown, MA.

Now you can use a computer without touching your keyboard or mouse! Astonishing, but true! Andy Meshulam demonstrated why actor Christopher Reeve, among others, uses the “WhyType™ Hands-Free System”, with its ability to create word processing documents, e-mail, faxes, spreadsheets and presentations. Text or numbers are immediately and legibly entered with few, if any, typographic or spelling mistakes.

Intrigued? Does it really work? At the meeting BPMUG members learned for themselves why Dragon Systems, Inc. is recognized as a world leader in the sophisticated technology of speech and language. Meanwhile, for more information, you may call: 1 (800) WHY-TYPE, or while you are on the Internet, please visit “www.dragonsys.com” and “www.whytype.com”.

Monday, July 21, 1997

Family Night at BPMUG !!
By The 3-D Rhelms

BPMUG featured Matt Espinoza, Eddie Gutfran, and Colin Carpenter, all of Simsbury, CT.

At the “Cyber Life” Connecticut Forum at The Bushnell last January 30, four of the world’s leading computer gurus enthusiastically agreed that what America needed was more opportunities for our own computer-literate youngsters to share their knowledge and excitement of cyberspace with the older generation. BPMUG took the step forward by having three bright, serious Simsbury High School students with the know-how and experience that provided us with a fascinating evening for fun and learning. We had more than enough “cool” computer graphics and games to engage everyone’s senses, capture their imagination (and they even taught us a thing or two).

Monday, June 16, 1997

Microsoft! What’s New? Office 97 & More !!

By Kevin Sheehan
Systems Engineer, New England District
Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft, the world leader in software, was BPMUG’s June guest to demonstrate their key products and to answer Microsoft-related questions. Special emphasis focused on their great Office 97 productivity tools.

Microsoft Office 97, the latest edition of the world’s best-selling office suite, integrates intelligent applications with the power of the Internet so you can get your job done faster and more effectively than ever before.

Office 97 includes:

Microsoft Word 97, word processor,
Microsoft Excel 97, spreadsheet,
Microsoft PowerPoint 97, presentation graphics,
Microsoft Outlook 97, desktop information manager, and
Microsoft Access 97, relational database.

This BPMUG presentation showcased the powerful features of Office 97 that make it a “must have” upgrade for anyone!

Meanwhile, you can learn more about Microsoft from these jam-packed web sites:

“www.microsoft.com” is Microsoft’s Homepage.
“www.microsoft.com/office” is the Office Suite’s main site! Get to info on all Office products!
“www.microsoft.com/office/ork” is the Office Resource Kit online! An indispensable reference for administrators!
“www.microsoft.com/office/migration” is the Office migration web site. All the info you need to migrate to Office 97!
“www.microsoft.com/officefreestuff Free tools and utilities to enhance the best productivity suite EVER!
“www.microsoft.com/usa/newengland The Microsoft New England website. Info on seminars, local offices and more!

Monday, May 19, 1997

The end of “WWW” (the World Wide Wait)???

By @Home By TCI.Net

Really! Now you can cruise the web as fast as you can click your mouse!
What you get with @Home By TCI.Net is:

Speed – So you don’t have to wait for your favorite web sites to load,
Easy Navigation – Making your time on the Internet more productive, and
Unlimited Access and a Constant Connection – Without tying up your phone line or dialing up a provider.
All this, plus your regular cable TV service simultaneously, for a reasonable monthly rate.

You want speed? How about speeds up to 10 megabits per second?
A file that takes nine minutes to download over a 28.8 modem connection and would take two minutes using ISDN, compared with @Home Network’s incredible speed of just two seconds !!

Home is now being introduced in the Greater Hartford towns served by TCI cable services.

Is it available in your town? Your neighborhood? When? How much?
These and your other questions will be answered May 19 in Kevin Canel’s informative presentation and demonstration of @Home By TCI.Net’s capabilities.

@Home By TCI.Net offers a shared connection among users in a neighborhood, delivering online interactive services directly to your personal computer via cable connection, cable modem and customized Netscape Navigator software. Want to learn more about this exciting new technology? Be sure to attend this meeting. Bring a friend and ask him or her to become a member. Meanwhile, you can check out Tel-Communications Inc, (TCI) and TCI.Net on the Internet at www.tci.com.

Monday, April 21, 1997

IBM’s Hardware! Exciting New Products!

Featuring Jeff Turner of IBM PC Products

What are the latest trends in personal computing hardware? Need some help on deciding between your possible purchase of either a desktop or a notebook computer? What’s the story with the oft-touted, but long-delayed economy computers for less than $1,000? Want to know what a new workstation can do for your business?

IBM PC Computing, a world leader in personal computing, gave answers at BPMUG’s April 21 meeting!

Yes, IBM is alive and very well, thank you, with an array of award-winning new products in the arena of personal computing hardware. Indeed, IBM scheduled a series of exciting product announcements for April 15, 1997, just six days before our meeting. It was a great follow-up opportunity to ask your PC questions, learn more, and help resolve your PC doubts.

IBM’s Aptiva home computer, ThinkPad, Commercial Desktop computers and IntelliStation are all grist for BPMUG’s mill. To learn more about these products, check them out at http://www.pc.ibm.com.

Monday, March 17, 1997

Taxes & Technology! Today & Tomorrow!

Featuring Gene Gavin, Commissioner – Connecticut Dept. of Revenue Services

It’s tax time! And, BPMUG is “prepared”! Are you???? Here is your chance!! Since Gene Gavin’s appointment as Connecticut’s tax commissioner by Governor John Rowland, he has placed a high priority on developing the technological resources of the Department of Revenue Services (DRS).

DRS launched its web site on the Internet in November 1996 providing Connecticut’s taxpayers easy access to a wealth of helpful state tax information and downloadable, printable tax forms. While not the first state tax department on the Internet, DRS has earned compliments for the web site’s attractiveness, comprehensive content, and ease of use.

Under Commissioner Gavin’s direction, with key support by Governor Rowland, the Office of Policy and Management, and the General Assembly, DRS is developing its technology-intensive Integrated Tax Administration System. This state-of-the-art package of hardware, software, and highly-trained staff is intended to form the foundation for Connecticut’s tax administration well into the 21st century.

Commissioner Gavin will be accompanied for this BPMUG presentation by Gary Cyr. Cyr is a data processing manager for DRS and played a key role in the development of the web site.

Check out the Department of Revenue Services web site at: “www.state.ct.us/drs”. The DRS site has solid information and many interesting links.

Monday, February 17, 1997

What you (really) need to know about modems and telecommunications.

David Suaviso of U.S. Robotics, Inc.

Dave w ill cover a range of topics including the newest “X2” high-speed 56Kbps modem and U.S. Robotics’ “Pilot”, their hand-held electronic organizers.

Monday, January 20, 1997

Got a Computer Problem? Ask the Experts!

By Erik Semmel and T.J. Benoit of TAB Computer Systems Inc. of Bloomfield, CT

Erik and TJ can be heard regularly on WTIC AM-1080’s “Computer Talk With Tab”

Are you having more than your share of vexing, time-consuming problems with your computer hardware, software or communications? Are you asking yourself: Is all my hard work really lost? What do those error message really mean? What can I do to get my work out on time? Can computers ever be “hassle-free”?

Find out! Attend BPMUG’s January 20, 1997 meeting and get some peace of mind.You’ve heard their popular radio call-in show on WTIC. Now, here’s your chance to get knowledgeable, understandable, “how-to-fix-it” answers to your own specific problems with the “Problem-Solvers” from TAB Computer Systems, Erik Semmel and T.J. Benoit, in person.

Meanwhile, to learn more about TAB (or Erik and TJ) and their WTIC AM-1080 broadcast schedule, you can access TAB’s useful web site, http://www.tabinc.com either directly or via BPMUG’s own http://www.bpmug.org.

Monday, December 16, 1996

“Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photo Deluxe, and more”

By Steve Trombetta

Adobe Systems is respected worldwide as a leading creative force in a wide array of products and solutions for Windows, Mac and Unix platforms.

Steve Trombetta gave us an overview of Adobe and guided us through an illustrated presentation of some of Adobe’s software, including, (1) Acrobat: “The fastest way to publish any document” (and, whose PDF format is a rapidly growing influence), (2) Home Publisher: “The best automated home or office desktop publishing solution”, (3) Pagemaker: “The world’s leading professional page layout software”, (4) Postscript: “Everything you need to print it right”, (5) Photo Deluxe: “Easily modify and personalize you own photos”, and (6) Photoshop: “Create, paint and retouch with the ‘camera for your mind’ “. It’s a full plate, but you’ll “eat it up”.

To learn more about Photo Deluxe and its companion products be sure to check Adobe’s rich Internet web site yourself at “www.adobe.com” or via BPMUG’s own Adobe hot link at “www.bpmug.org”.

Monday, November 18, 1996

WinZip File Compression

Jim Larkin from Nico Mak Computing

Jim discussed and demonstrated WinZip (both Windows and DOS versions), the ABC’s of file compression/decompression, archiving formats, (e.g zip, arc, lzh, tar, etc). He also discussed the Association of Shareware Professionals, to which Niko Mac of Bristol, CT belongs.

You can check them out at “www.winzip.com”.

Archived Presentation Notes
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