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Archived Presentation Notes
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Past BPMUG Presentations – 2001 to 2002

December 16, 2002, at 7:00 PM

Murphy’s Law? No It’s O’Connor’s Law

Presentation by Attorney F. William O’Connor

Attorney Bill O’Connor of Avon, CT will guide us through Quicken Lawyer
2003 Personal by NOLO. Business Week says, "Even if you know you
should see a lawyer… Quicken’s question-and-answer technique can
help you sort through the options". There are blank forms to complete
with a step-by-step interview process to customize the form based on
your answers. Completed forms can be printed or exported to a RFT format
for any word processor. From wills and estate planning to living trusts
and elder care forms, there are probably some software assistance available
to you. To help sort through your options, this is a meeting you won’t
want to miss!

November 18, 2002, at 7:00 PM

Opening Redship 4

Featuring our own
Mort "Startrek" Fabricant

Astronomy is a business, a science, and a hobby. Although computers
has expanded and enhanced the realm of astronomy, even before the days
of Galileo astronomy has fascinated many people with its element of
the unknown. But today, as computer users, we are fortunate enough
to have a variety of software programs to guide us through the universe.

During a recent cameo, Mort Fabricant showed us a brief intro to RedShip
4, an astronomy program. Since there was not sufficient time, Mort
has graciously agreed to expand his presentation to include showing
us a tutorial within RedShip 4 as well as giving us an introduction
to the SETI organization. This should prove to be a fun and exciting

October 21, 2002, at 7:00 PM

Voice Recognition – Opening The Door
to The Visually Impaired

Alfonse DeLucia, President

Southern Connecticut Chapter

National Federation of the Blind

Every seven minutes, someone in America will become blind or visually
impaired. It is estimated that there are ten million blind individuals
in the US and currently there are 1.5 million blind and visually impaired
computer-users. The computer software industry has recognized the need
to develop programs that will help visually impaired individuals to
achieve independence, self confidence, and self respect. The concept
of a voice recognition program isn’t new. In a past program, we watched
as the presenter ran through a program called Dragon Speaking. But
the presenter did admit that it was a tedious task learning the "fussy" and
very sensitive software.

As President of the Southern Connecticut Chapter of the National Federation
of the Blind, Alfonse DeLucia will be the presenter for our October
meeting. Mr. DeLucia will discuss "Jaws" and "Kurzweil".
With the increased risk of macular degeneration, the program brings
some valuable information.

September 23, 2002, at 7:00 PM


Presented by Jack Sandberg, Managing Director of West Hartford’s Delphi
Research Group LLC

Have you ever been in a chat room on the Internet? Do your kids or
grandkids or others go in the chat rooms for some harmless conversations
with friends or strangers? Have you ever wondered how harmless those
chats are?

Jack Sandberg of the Delphi Research Group,
will delve deep into the world of chat rooms. You will learn those
things your Momma never told you about chat rooms. You will learn about
some of the people on the other end of those fun conversations that
you and your friends are having. You will learn some about the dark
side of those innocent chats that are taking place.

This presentation is largely based on
tangential information obtained by Mr.Sandberg, who this summer worked
as a consultant for an entity investigating the security risks inherent
in the use of today’s Internet chat rooms. This presentation will provide
some background about today’s chat rooms, the different types, the
different vendors offering products in this area, especially about
the "Instant Messenger-type" products offered within the
last five years.

Finally, Mr. Sandberg will present vignettes representing several
common chat room encounter types, along with background material on
the apparent and covert contexts and risks posed by these encounters.

Monday, July 15, 2002, 7PM

Internet Research

By Valerie Banfi, Medical Librarian at Hartford

Research is described as a diligent search – a discovery with the
interpretation of facts. All of us do "research" at one time
or another either for personal use and/or for businesses, groups or
clubs. The Internet has given new opportunities for conducting extensive

Another great way to research is still to ask your local librarian.
They are very savvy about this since a part of their job is to assist
people in research projects. Good librarians will give you the tools
you need in order to conduct your own research.

We have combined these two effective research
tools at our July BPMUG meeting to give you the power of both a librarian
and the Internet! On July 15th, Valerie Banfi, a medical librarian
from Hartford Hospital will show us
easy ways to use good search engines and web sites to do research over
the Internet. As an experienced librarian, Valerie comes to us prepared
to demonstrate how to investigate and discover the unlimited possibilities
of doing research using the Internet.

Monday, June 16, 2002, 7PM

Share Information with others over the Internet

Presented by Len Bruskiewitz of Intuit’s Quickbase

Would you like to put your Little League schedule and scores on the
Internet for a select group to modify and for everyone to see? Do you
have a business project that you’d like to make available to others
in your group via the Internet? Do you have a Genealogy list that you’d
like to share with others across the globe? Do you have a business
development schedule or a personal project that has several people
involved that need to be kept updated?

It used to be that you needed
deep pockets plus a database and a degree in the related jargon to
maintain any records like that. Sharing information with friends,
associates and clients has been made much easier lately.

One such package
to do this is Intuit’s Quickbase application. With it you can easily
set up and maintain records for your business or personal use and
share them over the Internet for certain individuals or open to everyone.

Don’t let the ease of use fool you though. Although their templates
make it seem simple, these programs have many features that allow you
the power of a full-power database program. Whether you use the Project
Manager template, the Document Tracker, Fundraising Manager, Human
Resources database, a customer call log, or just a free way to show
off your collection of baseball cards, programs like Quickbase have
made it easy and affordable.

Monday, May 20, 2002, 7PM

Cybercrime… The Crime of the (21st) Century!

Presentation by Sergeant Andrew Russell, C.O. Connecticut State Police

What is Cybercrime? Who does it? What’s being done to stop it? Whether
high tech fraud, consumer privacy on the Internet, kidnapping, pornography,
or credit card fraud, there are numerous facets to computer crimes.
During the year 2000, the CT State Police’s Computer Crimes and Electronic
Evidence Unit experienced a five-fold increase in the number of cases
(from 103 cases in 1999 to 476 in 2000). These are not harmless computer
hacks… 44% of the cases involved child pornography while only 4%
involved hackers. The computer world shutters at the extent and severity
of cybercrime.

On May 20th, Sgt. Andrew Russell, C.O. of
the Connecticut State Police will enlighten us on many aspects of this
crime field and tell us what is being done to stop it. Currently, Sgt
Russell works as the commanding officer of the Connecticut State Police
Computer Crimes and Electronic Evidence Unit. He also serves as the
commander of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task

Monday, APRIL 18, 2002, 7PM

Exploring Digital Cameras

By Rich Hoyer

Rich Hoyer, instructor from the Adult Education program at Manchester
Community College will be our presenter and share his knowledge of
digital cameras with us. If you want to wait until after April 15th
to buy your camera, Rich will review the different types of digital
cameras and their features. If you already have a digital camera, Rich
will discuss how tomake good use of your camera and if time permits
he will also discuss software programs used to enhance your digital

Monday, March 18, 2002, 7PM

Connecting With The Latest Broadband Internet Options!

Don Robinson, SNET

Should I get a cable connection for my home computer? Why can’t I
get a SNET DSL line run to my business? Can I hook more than one PC
to my cable? Do I need a special modem for DSL? My computer guru is
recommending Frame Relay… what is it and do I need it? I’m tired
of slow dialup… what are my options without going broke?

Broadband technology is changing all the time. There are so many questions
and so few answers. Don Robinson proudly defines himself as a broadband
geek with answers you can understand. Don has worked for SNET for several
years and has seen and resolved more broadband issues than most of
us will ever run into. As a troubleshooter for SNET, Don has access
to a wide variety of ideas, solutions, and suggestions for getting
the most out of your hi-speed connection.

Monday, February 18, 2002, 7PM

Don’t let Taxes Become Taxing

Presented by Cynthia Ruel, Application Training Supervisor for New
Horizons Training Center

The IRS has a stated goal of getting 80% of our tax returns to be
electronically filed by 2007! Their statistics show that electronic
tax returns have a less than 1% error rate, compared to 20% for manually
prepared returns. Are you ready to make the change?

If your taxes are
taxing you, it may be time for you to take it to the next level.
The electronic level that is. Technology has advanced rapidly and with
it has come a few time-saving methods for that dreaded job of filing
your taxes. There are multiple programs obtainable that will make
taxes less taxing. Each software program will benefit each person in
different ways. You need to find the software that will meet your individual

Cynthia Ruel from New Horizons Computer Learning Center will be leading
you through a tour of the three major financial programs available.
She will give you an overview of what the software can do and compare
the similarities and differences in each of them.

Although Turbo Tax,
Quicken, and QuickBooks are diverse, they all have features in common.
They just work at different levels. There are also some third party
software programs available that will be introduced to you on this
tour of tax software. You will also be exposed to many web sites
and links that will aid you and show you what types of help are out

Monday January 21, 2002, 7PM

Investing in your Future

Bob Finch, former Mutual Fund Portfolio Manager

Should I invest in the bond market now? Mutual Funds? Stocks? Are
there any good investments available? How can I learn more? Should
I consult with a local broker or go on-line to the web?

Our January meeting will feature a former
Mutual Fund Portfolio Manager who will help us navigate the web for
sound investment rules. Bob Finch, a BPMUG member, has offered to demonstrate
the in’s and out’s of web investing. You may be delighted to discover
that your own PC or laptop can enhance the information you are currently
obtaining and maybe even reduce those sometimes expensive calls to
your broker.

Monday December 17, 2001, 7PM

Experience WindowsXP

By Microsoft

Why WindowsXP will revolutionize the way you interact with your computer.
Windows XP extends your experience beyond the desktop and provides
you with the best of the digital age.

* Help others without having to leave the comfort of your home –
With "remote assistance," users needing help can invite a
friend or support professional to connect to their computer over the
Internet to fix a problem or answer a question. If your friends need
help with their computers, you can do it from your own machine

* Digital Photos – Record life’s memories by easily acquiring, organizing,
and sharing digital photos. Windows XP will help you get digital images from
a scanner, web page or digital camera and then keep them organized the way
you want them. Once you have them, with just a few clicks, you can print them
on your color printer, send them to a photo finisher to create prints or automatically
optimize them to email to friends.

* Music – You’ll see the new Windows Media Player, the all-in-one place for
the discovery, download, storage, and playback of the highest quality digital
music. Windows Media Player allows you to create custom play lists based on
artists, titles or genres. You can easily burn CDs or move songs to your portable
music device. With the WMA file format, you get CD-quality sound at half the
file size of an .MP3 file.

* Video – Windows XP’s Movie Maker feature makes everyone a director. It gives
you everything you need to create, share, and enjoy videos on your computer.
You’ll be quickly able to edit your home movies or digital video footage. Windows
Media Player also does a great job playing DVD videos.

* Entertainment – With dramatic enhancements to the audio and video performance,
your games have never sounded and looked this good. Hear it and see it for

* Communication – With the new Windows Messenger, you can communicate with
your friends and family. With a microphone and camera, you can easily add voice
and video to make this a great way to stay in touch with loved ones.

* Connected Home – Easily connect and share the computers and devices in your
home. If you’ve got more than one computer in your house, the home networking
wizard will make it much easier for you to connect them to each other and share
printers and other devices.

Monday November 26, 2001, 7PM


By Librarians Helen Aveline and Patricia Pearce

On Monday, November 26th (a week later than usual) at 7 PM BPMUG will
offer a presentation on children’s educational software by two librarians
from the Newington Library. Helen Aveline, Director of the children’s
library and Patricia Pearce, a children’s librarian will present this
wonderful program. They will review which software programs can enhance
our children’s knowledge.

As we know, children learn quickly and need
programs that will keep their attention. The also grasp computer skills
from many of these software
programs with ease. If given the right computer program, they can have
a lot of fun while "painlessly" gaining skills that will
serve them well in their
academic paths.

Monday October 15, 2001, 7PM


Bruce DePrest, WFSB’s meteorologist

The leaves are changing quickly and winter
is coming soon. Will it be a cold, snowy winter? Will there be a major
blizzard coming? We all listen to the weather forecasters to plan our
journey out to work, play, travel, etc. Weather affects all of our

On Monday, October 15th, at 7 PM, we will
be enlightened on the history of weather forecasting and how computers
have changed this science. We are fortunate to be able to have Bruce
DePrest, a meteorologist and WFSB Channel 3’s weekday morning senior
weather anchor come and talk with us on this topic. Bruce has been
with Channel 3 since 1984 and before that was meteorologist for Travelers
since 1979. Much like other fields, the study of weather depends heavily
on computers and keeping updated with the latest technology.

As many
of you know from seeing Bruce on WFSB, he is a very knowledgeable,
experienced and cutting edge weather forecaster. He keeps up with the
latest and will be sharing the newest methods and technology with us.
You can learn more about WFSB’s weather on-line by going to www.wfsb.com
and clicking on "Doppler
3000 Weather".

So whether you are a novice weather watcher or an aspiring meteorologist
or just don’t want to be stuck in the rain without an umbrella, come
to the October 15th meeting, meet Bruce DePrest, and find out how computers
are continuously changing the science of weather forecasting. Bring
a friend for this fun and informative meeting!

Monday October 15, 2001, 7PM

Avery Dennison – Business Solutions for Greater Productivity Seminar

By Julie Murphy, Avery

Avery Representative, Julie Murphy, will be coming to BPMUG to give
a one hour educational seminar featuring New Products and New Ideas
designed to provide greater office productivity, offer cost savings
and suggest new solutions to old problems.

* Organization Tips – Tools to better organize your work environment

* Filing Ideas – Tips that save time and money

* Customizing Meeting Materials – Create business materials that make a lasting

* Creative Presentations – Everything you need to create powerful, professional
quality presentations and documents at your desktop

* Software and Formatting Solutions – Software enhancing solutions designed
to help you make the most of your time

Monday July 16 , 2001, 7PM

How To Find a Healthy Dose of Health-related Web Sites

By Dr. Eric
Secor, N.D., M.S., L.Ac.

Are you worried about the health-related information you find on the
Internet? Do you wonder what web sites you can visit to get accurate

information on your health and well-being? Is there a way to get a
quick and reliable resource for those summertime bug-bites and bumps
and bruises? Don’t worry, Dr. Eric Secor, a Naturopathic Physician
with Connecticut Center For Health will share his findings with us
in the July meeting.

In addition to his practice and his work at Saint Francis Hospital,
Dr. Secor enjoys surfing the Internet for reliable and accurate health-related
web sites for his patients and others. Dr. Secor will be showing us
many of those web sites and offering tips on how to determine the reliability
and accuracy of other sites you may have found.

Dr. Secor is a naturopathic physician and a licensed acupuncturist
with NCCAOM certification. He is currently practicing at the Connecticut
Center for Health as a family physician with an emphasis in natural
medicine and acupuncture in West Hartford, Connecticut, and as an acupuncturist
at St. Francis Hospital in Avon. He is also on the board of complementary
providers for Griffin Hospitals, integrative medical clinic.

Monday May 21 , 2001, 7PM

Online Banking

By Ted Josephson, Vice President eBusiness Division
of Peoples Bank

Well, if you need quick cash, you might still need an ATM machine
rather than printing cash out on your printer, but for almost anything
else, online banking can help. Whether you want to write checks, look
at your last month’s deposits, find out what checks have cleared, or
transfer funds from one account to another, online banking might be
a safe and easy solution for you.

Ted Josephson, of Peoples Bank’s
eBusiness Division will talk about where online banking has come
from 1998 (when he first gave a presentation to BPMUG) and where we
are heading, as well as cover tips for safe online banking, etc. Whether
you are curious about online banking or already use it, this meeting
will be a great opportunity to learn more about this tool. You can
get more info at www.peoples.com and then be sure to bring a friend
and lots of questions and enjoy this fun and informative evening!

Monday April 16 , 2001, 7PM,

The Computer Lunch Gang

By Joe Bray

JB (a.k.a. Joe Bray) and his group of computer cronies will entertain
us in the same fun style they do on their Saturday lunchtime radio

The Computer Lunch Gang’s show can be heard live every Saturday from
noon until 1 PM at WMRD 1150 AM Middletown, CT and WLIS 1420 AM Old
Saybrook. Their website is www.computerlunch.com.

Monday, March 16 , 2001, 7PM,

Watching Windows

Presented by Barry Gordon

Barry will be presenting a program on the Windows Operaing Systems.
He will compare Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000 Professional.
He will also speak on the new Windows Operating system Windows XP out
later this year.

For the Meeting on March 19, 2001,
Barry Gordon, BPMUG’s Windows SIG Host, will do a presentation on all
the most current Windows Operating Systems. He will have computers
running Windows 98, Windows Windows 2000 Professional and Windows Me.

During the presentation Barry will demonstrate
some of the best features of all and how they have changed for the
better. Barry will also show some of the differences between the various
built in utilities, multimedia applications and emergency recovery
procedures. During his presentation a few tips or tricks for Windows
will also be shown.

In conclusion the presentation will show how windows is heading toward
one operating system for all and he will talk about some of the features
in the upcoming new Windows XP Operating system formally called Whistler
due out in the second half of this year. This is a chance to bring
any specific Windows problems to the forum and Barry will try to repair
them. This is also a chance to see all the differences side by side.

Monday, February 19 , 2001, 7PM,

Disk Jockey 2000

Presented by Anthony Pereira of Clear & Simple

Does a presentation on File Managers sound dreary? Wait until you
see what BPMUG has coming! Anthony Pereira of Clear & Simple will
show you a real power packed time-saver when he demonstrates some of
the features of Disk Jockey 2000!

If you recall, Anthony presented an older
version of Disk Jockey some time back to an enthusiastic group at BPMUG.
Now, with the most recent revisions, our members have been requesting
a return visit.

Disk Jockey 2000 takes over where Windows
Explorer leaves off. You can not only view and sort all of your files
on your computer quickly, you can also take a peek at the graphics,
documents, even hear the music, as well as looking at all other files
in a speedy preview window. You can zip and unzip files as well as
previewing a zipped file without unzipping the entire batch. You can
use the handy FTP feature to transfer files to your Internet site or
to retrieve files from Internet sites.

If you’ve used Disk Jockey before, you
know what an indispensable tool this can be. If you’ve never used it,
come to this meeting and find out why John Dvorak raved about it by
insisting, "…this product
is super. Don’t even think about it, just buy it". Check out Clear & Simple’s
website at www.clear-simple.com .

Mon, January 15 , 2001, 7PM

Internet Telephony and Videoconferencing

Presented by Wayne Aguiar, Computer Virus expert & System Administrator

Would you like to call a friend or relative that lives far away and
save some money or actually be able to see the person you are talking
to in real-time?If your answer is yes, then Internet telephony and
videoconferencing may Be for you.

This presentation will include a
brief history, advantages, limitations and a basic overview of system
requirements and then conclude with a live or simulated demonstration
of some of the IBM compatible software products available for using
the Internet to place audio (PC to PC) and with some simple and fairly
inexpensive camera accessories PC video to PC calls for FREE* (or
for just the normal costs associated with a local ISP connection).

Please come join us and have some fun learning how to potentially
conference with people around the world. Wayne will include a hands-on
demonstration of equipment and have on hand a variety of neat gadgets
and accessories that can make it happen. This will be presented at
a basic level but will include an overview of some technical information
for advanced users. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the possibilities
and learn something new. So bring a friend to the new location at the
Jewish Community Center on Monday, January 15, 2001, at 7 PM and learn
about this exciting part of the Internet.

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